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ANDY RESESKA is the founder, owner, and chief apiarist of the Boston Honey Company.
Driven by his love for beekeeping, he has turned a spark of interest into a busy, full time apiary. Having been a chef, a pasta maker, and a house painter, he has spent the last fifteen years committed to his calling. Instinctively drawn to the outdoors, beekeeping was the perfect opportunity for Andy to combine his love for nature and love for food. His classical culinary training gave him the palate and scrutiny to appreciate and produce top quality honey. Beekeeping is a self taught trade that he continues to experiment with, developing his skills season after season. Youthful in spirit, and wild eyed, he is memorable and a handful.
He's as motivated as his bees, and sometimes just as noisy.

ADDIE RESESKA is co-owner, office manager, and candle maker.
Addie provided equal encouragement and tolerance when Andy began to transform his hobby into a business. While working her own job in high tech she labored alongside Andy, at any hour, putting in the dedication and effort that transformed the apiary. Being an integral and necessary part of the apiary has left Addie well educated in apiculture.
She grew up in Brazil, where she was immersed in the importance of honey, local food, and close community. The birth of her son, Evan, honed these appreciations even further, bringing food and community to greater focus through her care for him.
She is a welcoming, warm, vital and prudent part of the apiary's daily life.

Boston Honey Company

EVAN RESESKA has spent most of his life growing up with the honeybees and the business.
Always there for his parents and the business, he has put in many hours of support and work.
With years of accumulated knowledge from his father and the bees, he has become an important hand in the growth of the company.

Boston Honey CompanyNICK DELAINI is the assistant apiarist, sales rep, and an accidental apprentice of Andy's.
A graduate of Clark University, he is well outside of his field of study in English literature.
Nick began his new career as a lark, after having spent time teaching. Three years ago, a 'help wanted' ad for the apiary caught his eye.
The strange, beautiful, adventurous, and multifaceted work quickly turned the job from escapade into dedication. In a testament to the hard work of an apiary, he lost fifty pounds in the first year of employment.
Happy to have taken a chance and been given a chance, he continues to enjoy his time with the Reseskas and their bees, fast learning under Andy's tutelage.

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