Southern Honeys:

As part of our business, during the northern spring we sell bees to other beekeepers and provide pollination services to New England apple growers. In order to provide the bees needed for those endeavors, we bring several hundred beehives down to Georgia, granting them a lighter winter and an earlier spring. These bees come back robust and raring for the later spring of the north.
While in the south, we produce Orange Blossom, Gallberry, and Tupelo honey. These southern favorites are a special treat for northerners looking to try a taste of the south, and southerners aching for the flavors of home. Our Southern Honeys are raw, unfiltered and Kosher Parve and Kosher for Passover certified.

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Gallberry (Illex Glabra):

The Gallberry bush grows in vast abundance in the slash pine forests of Southeastern Georgia.
Gallberry honey is very sweet tasting and light in color. This honey could serve as a substitute for sugar in recipes and is desirable for its elegant flavor and medicinal properties.

Gallberry Honey, 1-lb jar: $12.00


I love our Orange Blossom Honey, it brings back childhood memories. The blossom is beautiful and extremely fragrant. The honey is delicious, very light in color, sweet with citrus notes. It is perfect for tea, dressings, deserts, on toast, scones... you'll find uses of your own!

Orange Blossom Honey, 1-lb jar: $12.00