Worker honeybees secrete beeswax to construct the honeycomb that the colony raises its young in, and stores its pollen and honey. For us, beeswax is a valuable by-product of extracting honey from the comb. It takes 7lbs of honey to secrete 1lb of wax. When harvested and refined through melting, beeswax produces a warm, yellow wax that is distinctly different from other waxes such as paraffin. Boston Honey Company

As it burns, beeswax has a pleasant, sweet honey aroma. It does not smoke, and typically lasts longer than other candle waxes.
We have many varieties from hand dipped tapers, pillars, and select molds. Our beeswax candles add an elegant touch to a romantic dinner, glistening glow on a holiday table, a personal touch to relaxing moments.


We offer our Candles as Tapers, Pillars, or votives (4 to a package).

The 6" pillar burns for approx. 60 hours; the 4" pillar burns for approx. 40 hours; votives will burn for approx. 15 hours.

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Candle burning instructions:

Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep burning candles away from small children and pets.
Keep candles out of drafts.

Beeswax tapers:

Cut candle wick to approximately ¼ inch.
Keep candle away from drafts. Candle will burn smoke and drip free.
To extinguish flame use a candle snuffer.
Trim wick to ¼ inch when re-lighting candle after wax has cooled.

Beeswax pillars:

Trim wick to ¼ inch.
Allow candle to burn 1 hour for each inch of diameter, or until the wax pool has come to the edge. The wick has been chosen to burn as intended, but some maintenance is required.
Use candle snuffer or push wick into wax pool to extinguish flame; pull wick out of wax pool before wax hardens.
Keep wick trimmed to approximately ¼ to 3/8 inch.
If wick develops a 'mushroom top', extinguish flame and trim wick.
If flame is very small and flickering, some wax may have to be poured off. This is usually the result of not allowing the candle to burn longer.

Beeswax votives:

Trim wick to ¼ inch.
Always burn votive candles in a votive container. The candle will melt wax completely and will need to have a container to keep the wax pool in.



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